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At pagecabinet we believe that all your tech needs are just a click away, so click on, sit back and relax. Go ahead, feel free to explore what pagecabinet has to offer....
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Web Designing

Your business website isn’t trendy enough, worry not. We here at pagecabinet can help your website get up-to-date with today’s looks and requirements. We believe that a ‘Good Website’ is the way to a ‘Good Business’ because with the proper marketing your business can reach new heights and getting clients becomes a ‘picnic in the park’.

Web Development

You thought promoting your business profile on Social media did the work, want to experience your business ideas into success stories, or if your webpage needs a custom app installed, at pagecabinet we believe that, sit back, relax and leave it to team pagecabinet.


Selling your product/service is becoming tough, we at pagecabinet believe that E-Commerce is your solution. By providing your customers a feasible way to get to your product/service, anytime / anywhere and watch your customer base go from
City wide -> nationwide -> World-wide.


Don’t like dealing with the code every time you enter new content to your website. Why feel disappointed, pagecabinet has the solution to all your CMS issues, from installing to management, pagecabinet knows how to keep it all under control.


Your website didn’t work out well with Search Engines? Not an issue Team Pagecabinet knows the solution to your issue. Our professionals can help you shine some light to your website and make it appear right next to your competitors in business.

Content Writing

Don’t like writing letters, reports, transactional & financial documents, why worry, our experts find no fatigue in getting your work done. With top-notch ideas and a professional look to your documents, impressing your boss isn’t a big deal.

Logo Designing

Want your business to make an impact, team pagecabinet has some of the best logo designers who are capable enough to create the logo to turn your business into a brand.

Digital Printing Media

Digital printing can become an easy fuss. Designing Cards, Brochures, Banners, invitations and all sorts of graphic designing isn’t an issue. Team pagecabinet has a managed & elegant way to get you all your Digital Printing requirements in line.

Web Hosting

Got the domain, great, let pagecabinet get you the proper hosting to your domain. With distributed hosting and an uptime of 99.9% trust your data to pagecabinet and watch your domain ‘shine bright’.

Web Domain

An odd web domain to great business dosent fit well, pagecabinet can help you find the domain name of your choosing.

Our Clients

Any inquiry? Feel free.!