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Best Podcasts to Listen for Self-Improvement

There are a lot of video mediums out there in this current time that
people use for entertainment and education, from TikTok reels to
YouTube videos. Podcasts are the one that are a great source of
Before telling you about the self-improvement podcasts, let me take
you deep dive to explain “How to define the Podcasts?”
A Podcast is a conversation of two or a group of people talking on a
specific topic. They share their ideas, learnings, and their
experience of decades of years. Sometimes, they agree on some
point and sometimes they disagree.
Podcasts are not like reels, they are long-form content that requires
a huge focus and attention to consume. And people seem to
change their narratives and mindsets when they consume such
long-form content. Because sometimes, Podcasts are very very
Now, let’s come back to our topic!
Best Podcasts to Listen for Self-Improvement
When it comes to listening to Podcasts which requires so much time
and attention, it must be for improving yourself and becoming a
better yourself.
We are suggesting you some of the best Podcasts below to listen
to, to become a better human being:

1. The Happiness Lab

The Happiness Lab Podcast is psychology-based
hosted by Dr. Laurie Santos, who is a professor in the
Department of Psychology at Yale University. The core
purpose of The Happiness Lab Podcast is to teach its listeners
how to stay happier and achieve happiness in different
Yale University has created a history of 300+ years after going
through various milestones. It has the essence of liberal
education in Europe.

2. Derren Brown’s Bootcamp for Life

The Derren Brown Podcast is also one of the best podcasts
for self-help and improvement, which covers a lot of areas of
life including science, influence, psychology, decision-making,
art, mentalism, neuroscience, and neuroplasticity.
Due to its diversity and expanded approach, we can not
assign it any base.
This podcast is being hosted by an amazing host Derren
Brown, is a well-known mentalist and illusionist. Derren
Brown is also helping people to transform their lives and
mindset through his self-help program “Derren Brown’s
Bootcamp for Life.”

3. Life Kit

Life Kit Podcast is another awesome addition to the podcasts,
that has all the essential ingredients required for a Self-help
and improvement podcast.
Hosted by Marielle Segarra, this podcast is focused on Money
Management, Parenting, Relationships, Self-care, and
Personal Growth.
The core purpose of the Life Kit Podcast is to provide practical
bits of advice and guidance to navigate everyday challenges
and make informed decisions.

4. The Rich Roll Podcast

Guess what we have next on the list, the only Rich
Roll Podcast. This name is itself full of energy because such an energetic host is hosting it. But before talking
about the host, let us talk about the Podcast.
The Rich Roll Podcast is a very influential and amazing
self-improvement podcast, that is dedicated to helping people
to take control of their health & happiness. It is inspiring &
empowering the millions with its huge positive energy and
The podcast explores various topics such as plant-based
motivation, fitness, mindfulness, and personal growth. These
varieties of topics help the listeners to be their best version.
The host of this podcast is Rich Roll, who is a Stanford
University Graduate, a 45-year-old man, who is an
ultra-endurance athlete, a wellness advocate, a bestselling
author, a public speaker, and a wellness expert. His
qualities have enabled him to put so much positive energy into
the podcast, making it worth listening to for the audience.

5. Help Me Be Me

Last but not least is Help Me Be Me, another big name in
self-improvement podcasts. With the vision of helping the
listeners navigate their mental health, relationships, and
personal growth, the podcast focuses on providing a safe
supportive environment for individuals to overcome their
thoughts and feelings and explore new experiences.
Being hosted by Sarah May who is a creative professional
with a passion for problem-solving, this podcast has served as
an emotional toolkit for the people and helped them to create
a positive change in them.
The Page Cabinet and its team have carefully curated this Self-Improvement podcast list. And we are very sure that if
you start listening to any of the above podcasts, you will get
instant results.